Single minded.

Something I realized tonight…I need to be single minded.  Have tunnel vision.  I have been worried about other things and feel that these distractions are holding me back.

I realized that my concern for certain things isn’t where my mind should be.  I believe that it is important to care about others and to pray for them, but God has given me a purpose and a calling.  I am wasting time and energy on things that aren’t my problem.

And I also realized that the reasons that these other projects are successful is because they have single minded leaders.  Their leaders are not concerned about my successes, although I am sure that they care.  But their focus is on their calling.

It isn’t my responsibility or my place to “fix” everything.  I have to remember that I have an Almighty God who is more than capable, willing, and perfect for that.

I am realizing more and more about God and His purpose and learning about His nature.  What are you double minded about in life?