Sharing My Passion

Ah!  Today is crazy busy!!  Four meetings!  But I realized I hadn’t posted photos of the orphanage…  So let me share them with you!  In the coming days, I’d like to begin to share the children and their stories…for now, here is the orphanage!  We need $55,000 to complete the sale and take ownership.


So excited to see how God moves these mountains!  Be blessed!


Refocused & Recharged

Today I have been overwhelmed.  I feel pulled in a million directions, everyone needs or wants something from me and I am not ready or able to give it.  Taking a simple breath and asking for God to give me strength…I begin to feel like I am ready to tackle my life.  I want this life.  I love this life.  I just want order from chaos and I am not exactly a patient person.

Thinking about my life, where I am, where I want to be…

I want to pledge to:  

Stop trying to be perfect!  Perfection isn’t possible…it’s a good goal, but like my mom constantly tells me, “It’s better than it was.”  Just work towards doing better and better every day.

Be okay with making mistakes!  I am not someone who likes to make mistakes or admit that maybe I did make a mistake.  The reality is…I have and will make mistakes.  It’s all about trying anyway!

Be okay with me!  I really like me actually, and if you don’t…that hurts me.  But I have gotten over that.  I know my heart and I know that God loves me, flaws and imperfections and all, and that’s ALL that matters!!  I have one expectation to live up to…and that’s God’s expectations of me.

Not be anxious!  I struggle with anxiety, but that is not of God.  I just need to remember that if things are God’s will for my life, if I do what I am supposed to do, they will happen.  God is so faithful and amazing.  I am blessed.

Focus on doing!  I am not going to whine or complain about the state of this world, I am going to spend my minutes working to change that.  Whining or complaining do NOTHING.  Put my hands, feet, mind, and heart to work is the only thing that I can do to change it.

Stop waiting for the “perfect” time!  There is never a perfect time.  There is God’s timing.  So I am going to rely on that.  Everything we do has risks, the question is…am I willing to take that risk?  The answer is yes.  There is a lot of people who will try and stop you from pursuing your calling, but don’t let their voices become louder than God’s.  There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t do something…but I am looking at the reasons why I should.

Stop listening/saying I’m not ready!  God will prepare me…nobody is ever totally ready.  Getting out of your comfort zone, relying completely on God, that’s what makes growth happen!  Change is good and doing new things will grow and stretch us.

Change my perspective!  Look at things and consider if they are going to matter next week, next month, next year, in ten years.  Give them the value and weight that they deserve.

Be realistic!  I can hear the laughter already.  I need to promise only what I can deliver on.  I need to plan, not procrastinate!  Use both emotion and reason to make decisions.  Give up friendships that have proven they will never change, move on from that.  Remember God’s in control, not me.  Be okay with that!

Become more outspoken!  Stop hiding my thoughts and feelings…they have value.  I need to say what I want to say.  Stop being shy and nervous.

Remember that with hard work comes success!  Nobody is entitled to anything…we need to earn what we have.  Taking the easy road doesn’t bring awesome rewards.  It brings mediocrity.  My life is worth more than that.  Passion for something will prevent burnout and make others passionate.  I refuse to settle for second best because it’s easier.  This is my time to focus on what God has called me to do with my life.  That will take work, but it will be worth it!!

Thank God for my many blessings!  Celebrate what God has given me…  Life, love, happiness, health, family.  How incredible!  Kick back and enjoy them sometimes.  Don’t think about what I don’t have…be grateful for what I do.  It’s so much more than what others have and far more than I deserve.

Tears of love and heartache

As I write this, tears keep coming…

I have just received the e-mail from the current director of the orphanage with the photos and stories of the children.  How my heart breaks…I just want to be through with red tape and fundraising and move on to serving and loving these children!  Their beautiful smiles and precious faces…  So many of them have been affected in some way by HIV/AIDS, others from war.  One precious boy is a victim of torture, a story too common in Uganda.  Uganda is home to the longest running war in Africa, it’s not hard to believe that most of these children have been affected by that some way.  Some found, abandoned on the road or in the streets.  Stories of rape.  Stories of death.  Suffering.  Malnutrition.  Walking over a mile to school and back and they consider themselves LUCKY to go to school!

I find it so frustrating that we here in America complain about the littlest things.  Minor inconveniences.  A red light, slow internet, slow service at a restaurant.  We should count it all joy!  Sometimes it seems impossible to motivate others to care.  To open their wallet for the sake of another.  To give a bit of time.  To sacrifice a meal and donate the money.  These children eat once a day…and that consists of maize porridge.  When will we start putting the least of us ahead of ourselves?  I do not find very many Christians any more willing than non-Christians.  That breaks my heart.

I challenge you today.  Inconvenience yourself for another.   It doesn’t matter if it’s for American orphans or Ugandan orphans or the homeless or the elderly.  Just give of yourself, for the glory of God.  Count it all joy when you are persecuted!  Bless someone because you, dear one, have been mightily blessed and are highly favored by the King of Kings.


My daughter, Fiona and her friend are preparing to raise some funds tomorrow.  They are selling snow cones for the orphanage fund.  They have graciously decided to donate all the proceeds.  What kindhearted girls to want to help other children!

I have spent several hours today, working on a strategic plan for the next five years!  And thinking about funding.

One of the most important things, I believe, is becoming self sustaining.  It is less stressful for employees and orphans if you are not constantly wondering about a grant being funded or not.  I think that using grants to enhance our programs will be a good use, but not to sustain us.  As a grant funded employee, the stress could become almost unbearable…never knowing if you are going to have a job soon.

There are so many “little” details…  Benefits, travel, health, the list could go on and on….but I am sooo happy about our progress this far.

Please continue to pray for the right staff and volunteers!

God is good! All the time!!

We have finally linked this blog with Twitter, Pinterest, and our new Facebook page!  Yay for social media!!

We are also going to look at a building today…we have two possible retail spaces being donated to us.  Also, the director of the Ugandan orphanage has approached us about possible partial payments.

Each and every day, I see God moving and making things happen.  Such a busy day ahead and the days to follow.  So excited to REALLY get going though!!

Please pray for money and volunteers!

So many things to say!!

First of all, my sweet daughter hated our name until she found out what it meant…  Kupenda is the Swahili word meaning “to love” and the numbers 127 refer to James 1:27 which says, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (NIV)


Some of the 250+ Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Kalimbira

Photo by khym54

How did this journey begin?  Well, I am a lover of projects and always in search of my next new thing…while job hunting I ran across an ad for an orphanage for sale in Uganda.  I could not get it off of my mind, I prayed and prayed.  I eventually emailed the current director.  They have been searching for a buyer for over a year and have someone interested in purchasing the land and shutting down the orphanage.  Just today he told me that he would rather that we buy it. I have spent hours praying and seeking God on this.  For several weeks, I felt God saying to me…Be still, My child.  After praying about this opportunity, I felt a new word…PUSH.  So, here I am.  Pushing. It’s a big goal with a little time frame.  Luckily, we serve a great and mighty God!  This is our journey.  To Uganda.  To serve.  To love.  To be changed.  And hopefully to bring a little bit of light to some sweet babies. I have no idea where this is going to go, but I am going to enjoy every moment and PUSH.