Someday we hope to be a licensed and accredited adoption agency, but for now we are adoption advocates!

We are hosting the adoption workshop If You Were Mine by Hope for Orphans.  Please contact us for details, dates, and prices.

Also, we would like to recommend the following adoption resources (we are not endorsing the following programs).  We have included any program that awards grants to families:

68:5 Fund

A Child Waits Foundation

Affording Adoption Foundation

ARC Of Hope

Brittany’s Hope

Cade Foundation

Elijah’s Truth

Gift of Adoption Foundation

God’s Grace Adoption Ministry

Hand in Hand Christian Adoption

Helping Kids Cope

Help Us Adopt

Ibsen Adoption Network

Katelyn’s Fund

Lifesong for Orphans

National Adoption Foundation

Orphan Impact

Parenthood for Me

Sea of Faces

Shaohannah’s Hope

Please let us know of any other resources for making adoption more affordable.  Our goal is that finances should never dictate whether or not families choose adoption.


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