One Day, One Voice, One Purpose

I have seen a mixed reaction to Orphan Sunday.  I can understand both sides, for and against but I staunchly believe that Orphan Sunday is an amazing thing.  As a Christian and a dedicated follower of Jesus, Orphan Sunday is the Church’s expression of God’s heart for the orphan and the widow.

Christian Alliance for Orphans has created an AMAZING video that I encourage every single person to watch.  It really shows what the heart of Orphan Sunday is about — LOVING on children who have been orphaned.  Sometimes that expression of love is adoption, sometimes it’s giving financially, sometimes it’s prayer.  Whatever way that God speaks to our hearts individually is between Him and us.  We need to make sure that our actions are in the best interest of children, do our homework on programs before we get involved, be dedicated to following best practices, but continue to press on and to love them.  Regardless of the circumstances that have led them to be in orphan care, they need love and they need to be shown love.  I encourage you to watch the video and to search your heart for where God might be leading you.


Orphan Sunday

It’s finally Orphan Sunday!!!

In celebration, I have updated our adoption resources page, adding even more organizations that provide grants for adoption.  I also have updated our blogroll to include some really awesome and amazing organizations who work in orphan care and adoption ministries.

Please join me in praying for orphans and waiting children today and for families that God has placed a desire in their heart to adopt.

Some prayer points I thought I would share:

*  Adoption is so beautiful, so amazing.  But it happens because of great loss.  Please pray for not only an orphaned child who has lost their parents, but also for the adoptive family.  There is often pain and loss that brings a family to adoption.  Perhaps infertility or miscarriages.  Many families experience years of pain and loss before becoming a family through adoption.

*  Adoption isn’t easy.  It’s very, very expensive and emotional.  It takes a long time.  It’s revealing everything about you and your family to total strangers and governments.  It’s uncomfortable, it’s nerve racking, and it’s hard.  Pray for families to persevere and to push through those challenges and for them to have great people to help them through.

*  Adoption is hard later too.  Adopted children often have special physical or emotional needs.  Even “healthy” adopted children often have lingering effects of their beginnings.  Pray for families to have wisdom and support.

Beginning an adoption journey is exciting.  And I hope and pray A LOT of people start that journey today.  But my prayer is that they have great support and a network to help them through the inevitable hard days.

I am adopted and my sister is adopted.  I am passionate about the gift that adoption is.  My life was forever altered when my parents chose me.  And like any child, I have brought them both happiness and tears, joy and sorrow, pride and disappointment.  I am so happy that they followed God’s leading and have never gave up on me.

We all have a part to play in adoption and orphan care.  For some, that means becoming an adoptive parent, for others an advocate, a supporter, a prayer partner.  Whatever part God has called you to play, I pray that you answer that call.