Challenge: Put Up or Shut Up

I found a blog today from the CNN Religion Blog…It’s title is My Take:  On adoption, Christians should put up or shut up by Jason Locy.

This is My Take.

Christians usually have a lot to say about things, especially in these challenging times where it seems like morals and values are gone and those who want to preserve them are attacked around every corner.  I hear a lot of preaching and people saying they love community, people, Jesus, want to spread the Word of God, there are new churches I hear about all the time.  BUT…these very same churches are doing NOTHING about the orphan crisis.  There is a Biblical mandate to care for the orphans.  All of them.  Period.  Open your wallet, open your heart, sell your stuff, move, preach, educate, whatever it looks like, you need to be doing it.  Today.  Everyday.  Until there is no orphan going to bed tonight, cold, alone and unloved.

According to The Children’s Bureau, there are around 105,000 waiting children in the United States of America.

 According to Christianity Today, there were 247 million Christians in the US in 2010.

We don’t even need to do the math to realize the solution.  Christians could easy adopt every single orphan in America.  It’s a minuscule amount in comparison.  However, I find a startling number of Christians who feel like it’s for someone else to do, not them.  If you believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that you are to obey it, then it’s for you.  Otherwise, please stop referring to yourself as a Christian.  You cannot be lukewarm.  You cannot serve two masters.  You are either in or you are out.  Choose this day, whom you will serve.  Yourself or your God.

On a bigger scale, there is between 143 and 210 million orphans in the world.  Again, less orphans than Christians.  This should not be this hard!!!  Some are standing, some are following Christ’s words, but not enough!  We ALL need to do it.

This is my favorite quote from the blog I mentioned earlier.  It says, “It is time Christians decide to either step up or shut up. If a Christian group wants to wade into the discussion over who should adopt, it needs to put its money and manpower where its mouth is.  That means not only challenging families and churches to adopt from foster care (which costs virtually nothing financially) but also to adopt children resulting from unplanned pregnancies, children with special needs and children of mixed race or minority ethnicity.  If Christians’ only desire is to fight the culture wars and score political points, then they should continue to lean on empty rhetoric. But if they truly care about the family and the Bible, they’ll begin caring for children who desperately need a home.”

Amen.  So, what are you going to do today??


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