He is Enough

I just finished reading Kisses From Katie, which I highly recommend.  I thought about writing a few of my favorite excerpts, however I then realized that would be the entire thing!  I haven’t read a lot the last few months and I finished the book in less than 24 hours.

My heart broke over and over again, my longing to be in Africa and serving those who are “the least of these” grew exponentially.

If I could explain just one thing that I really learned was that love is, and always has been, the most important thing.  Love people.  Love Christ.  Just love.

And that when we give, whether it’s love, money, stuff, whatever, to those who are in need, God always provides.  A stark realization hit me.  I am selfish, I mean, I knew that, but I am selfish in ways that I didn’t realize.  And I don’t like it.  The thought of really giving up everything to move to a place where there are lots of bugs, snakes, rats (that’s the really bad one if you know me, I am TERRIFIED of mice and rats), and weird food (also not so good for me) — it’s almost too much for me to think about.  What on earth am I thinking?

But then I think about not going.  And it’s just not an option.  I feel that God has placed this longing in my heart, this love for people I have never even met because it’s His will, His plan for my life.  I want to be uncomfortable for the cause of Christ.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say that being a Christian is signing up for the “good life.”  I mean, it’s signing up for the best life, but in that it’s also being uncomfortable and stretching yourself.

And I am ready.  Fully committed.  To whatever God has for me, wherever He places me, to love whoever is in front of me…because I love Jesus more than I love anything else.


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