$30,000 in 3 Weeks!?!?!

Launching our new campaign tomorrow morning!  We need to raise $30,000 in the next three weeks.  I realize that this is an insane number.  To break it down…that’s $10,000 per week or about $1429 per day or $60 per hour, every hour.

Through Christ, impossible things for us become possible.  We are simply trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to serve Him and His children.  And we are believing in faith that He will provide the funds to protect His children.

The reality is, the orphanage we are working to purchase cannot sustain any longer.  There is no money for food, medical care, or school fees.  They have taken local loans for food and their credit has been maxed out.  The children were only eating once per day, now they are not even getting that.  As it is the rainy season, transportation has become all but impossible.  I was not aware of this until a couple of days ago, but because the director felt that we were the right people to purchase the orphanage, he ended all advertisements of the property.  I also feel that God has called us to this, but they are in desperate times.

The only other offer is one that will immediately close the orphanage and it will be re-purposed.  The children will then be moved to other orphanages or quite possibly, let to fend for themselves on the streets as most orphanages are already over crowded.  This orphanage maintains a wait list of over 100 children and has 50 beds that are full.

I view this possibility as heartbreaking.  For the orphan who has lost everything, this is again a total loss.  They will be forced to leave their community and their school.  For the orphan who still has extended family, they will be losing that tie with their family, their community, their school, everything.

One of the children that comes to mind is seven year old Oliver.  She is HIV positive and lives at the orphanage.  She was found along side the road with her elderly sick grandmother.  She has two sisters (one HIV positive) and a brother who still live with their grandmother, but will need care as the grandmother is dying.  Oliver was taken in because there was room for just one and her condition was most severe.  If the orphanage closes, she will either be left to care for her younger siblings or she will be forced to move away from everything she has known to another facility.  Please remember, she is SEVEN.  The age of most first or second grade children.  These are real children, who are innocent and vulnerable.

Please consider a donation for this cause, like us on Facebook, share us with your friends, pray for us, come to Uganda with us, volunteer with our local Spokane projects.  There is so much need…what is God calling you to?


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