So, I have been reading a lot of blogs and stuff lately, in some type of attempt to figure out where we are going, put it on paper, what the real needs are of people, and how to best help.  I am in awe of the great needs and a dismal lack of caring of most people.

One of the sites I was reading today was an organization that is in Uganda called Judan Say Yes Children’s Center  (

They talk about the problem Uganda is facing is multi-faceted:  social, health, and economic in nature.  Of course, those most affected are the children.  Children are so vulnerable and Ugandan children are often orphaned (through disease or war), not in school and end up on the street struggling just to survive.

[Pause]  There is a whole new language I am learning with orphan care.  There are double orphans (children who have no living parents); single orphans (one parent has died); and economic orphans (may have one or both parents living but living in poverty has caused them to abandon and/or place their child in institutional orphan care).

These “economic” orphans make up a HUGE portion of the orphan statistics.  Poverty and HIV/AIDS seem to be the overwhelming reason for the orphan crisis, with war coming in next.

School is different in Africa, most schools charge fees for children to attend.  This causes a lot of children to not be engaged in school.  Even free schooling poses many challenges for Ugandan families.  Lack of education inevitably leads to other societal issues… prostitution and crime, as well as becoming more vulnerable to drug use, exposure to HIV/AIDS.

Many NGO’s and CBO’s have tried to address the problems but a constant lack of resources makes it difficult.  They rely heavily on western support.  As orphanages are forced to close, the effects on the children are worse than they were originally.

So…with that realization…where do we go from here?  A multi-faceted problem requires a multi-faceted response.  I believe it really lies in microfinance, access to resources, adoption, and most importantly…relying not on western support, but on God and His provision.

Are you up for this challenge?  Do you want to join us on this adventure?  Each and every one of us have a part to play…ask God what is His part for you.


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