Tears of love and heartache

As I write this, tears keep coming…

I have just received the e-mail from the current director of the orphanage with the photos and stories of the children.  How my heart breaks…I just want to be through with red tape and fundraising and move on to serving and loving these children!  Their beautiful smiles and precious faces…  So many of them have been affected in some way by HIV/AIDS, others from war.  One precious boy is a victim of torture, a story too common in Uganda.  Uganda is home to the longest running war in Africa, it’s not hard to believe that most of these children have been affected by that some way.  Some found, abandoned on the road or in the streets.  Stories of rape.  Stories of death.  Suffering.  Malnutrition.  Walking over a mile to school and back and they consider themselves LUCKY to go to school!

I find it so frustrating that we here in America complain about the littlest things.  Minor inconveniences.  A red light, slow internet, slow service at a restaurant.  We should count it all joy!  Sometimes it seems impossible to motivate others to care.  To open their wallet for the sake of another.  To give a bit of time.  To sacrifice a meal and donate the money.  These children eat once a day…and that consists of maize porridge.  When will we start putting the least of us ahead of ourselves?  I do not find very many Christians any more willing than non-Christians.  That breaks my heart.

I challenge you today.  Inconvenience yourself for another.   It doesn’t matter if it’s for American orphans or Ugandan orphans or the homeless or the elderly.  Just give of yourself, for the glory of God.  Count it all joy when you are persecuted!  Bless someone because you, dear one, have been mightily blessed and are highly favored by the King of Kings.


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